Apollo Hospitals, the most trusted brand in the health care segment offers Telemedicine solutions for all the residents of
"Anandam Retirement COmmunity"

Our Services

• Teleclinics
• Primary Care Consultations
• Tele Neuro Sessions
• Specialty Care Consultations
• Tele Geriatric Sessions
• Tele Gyneac Sessions
• Tele Cardio Sessions

Benefits of Tele Medicine Services

■ Reduction in the need to transfer patients to a site of medical expertise
■ Decrease in the relocation of medical specialists to the patients location
■ Decrease in the number of days spent in hospital
■ Better organized and less costly health care
■ More efficient and effective use of medical and technological resources
■ Tele consultation Second Opinion
■ Better Hospital connect and better acceptance levels
■ Build trust & relation with Medical experts
■ Post Hospitalization Counseling
■ Post Hospitalization Follow-up & reviews

Add-on Health Care Services

• In Clinic Services-Doctors, Nurse, Paramedic etc.
• Care @ Home
• Chronic Disease Management
• Health Camps • Health Check-ups
• Wellness and Risk Factors
• Detailed Periodic Report
• Monthly Health Reminders
• Preventive Health Care Services