Ever felt that when you finally have some much anticipated time off from the hurly burly life in the modern world, there’s little to do, and precious time not made the most of? And before you know it, things are back to the usual. That ‘little to do’ bit doesn’t happen at Bahri Beautiful Country. We’ve packed our resorts with a whole host of possibilities for you to explore
At Bahri Beautiful Country we understand that while great people and adventure make for a great settlement, it's the infrastructure that really counts. And for this purpose we have taken all possible measures to ensure that all you need is no more than a stones throw away. Introducing the "Bahri Mountain View Club" that is equipped with a Swimming Pool, Restaurant, Food Court, Activity Rooms, Indoor & Outdoor Sports and much more.
It also offers you an innovative wellness program that is designed to keep you on top of the world. Walking programs, recreational sports, aquatics, low-impact exercise, holistic offerings, yoga and more, are all part of our comprehensive program.