Hillview Villa Plots have a unique connection with paradise. Nestled in emerald green foothills of Kodaikanal,. These plots at Bahri Beautiful Country have the most breathtaking view that opens a unique window to nature.This carefully selected location makes Bahri Beautiful Country the crown jewel that rests upon this great land's neck. It radiates prosperity and purpose to its surroundings and at the same time is the centre piece of the show.It is the kind of place where you would want to put up your feet and let the space around you take over.Worries? Hassles? We don't even let them in. Before you even know it, you're in paradise and the rest is all left behind.

Madurai - 50 Minutes
Kodaikanal - 60 Minutes
Munnar - 2 Hours
Vaigai Dam - 20 Minutes
Thekkady - 2 Hours